FFL Transfers – $20.00 With LTC, $25.00 Without LTC

Never overpay again for your FFL Transfers. JMS Tactical values you and your business, and we are not here to take advantage of our valued customers. All FFL Transfers are either $20.00 if you have your Texas Firearms License, or $25.00 if you do not, regardless of where you purchased.
We always encourage clients to give us the opportunity to quote the business, but realistically, we know that sometimes there are going to be stellar deals out on the internet, and we will gladly handle the transfer for you. We know if we take care of your transfers and treat you right, you will come to us for the things that are not practical to buy on-line. Bottom line, we are here to serve you.

Feel free to check our site to see if we might have the firearm you are about to buy. We might save you some money on it.


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