Sell your Military Firearms and Militaria

We want to buy your Military Firearms

As a veteran owned company, JMS Tactical provides quality Military Firearms at affordable prices.
Areas of specialty include vintage Military Firearms from WW1, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Our
sales staff are knowledgeable in military weapons and equipment from these era. We would love to help you turn
your excess military firearms into cash. Please fill out the form below if you have any military firearms that
you wish to sell.

Buying M1 Garands and M1 Carbines

We are always on the lookout for quality M1 Garands and M1 Carbines. Turn your vintage military firearms into cash. We are giving top dollar for quality Garands and Carbines manufactured between 1936 to 1957. Please fill out our firearm purchase form if you have any guns you would like to sell. We will give you a fair quote within 1 day. We are actively looking to purchase Garands and Carbines in any condition.

Buying L1A1 / FAL Rifles

We are currently looking for FAL rifles and parts in good condition. We will pay top dollar for complete rifles, STG-58 parts kits, barrels, receivers, and lowers. Call JMS Tactical for your next FAL build!

Buying 1903 and 1903A3 Rifles

JMS Tactical is looking to buy 1903 and 1903A3 rifles in good clean condition. Let us know if you have complete rifles, or just parts to sell. We will turn your excess military firearms or militaria into hard cash. Call JMS Tactical today and turn un-used, un-wanted firearms into cash for your next gun project.

Don’t let that un-wanted firearm sit in your safe or closet for another 10 years! Turn them into hard cash for your next gun project. Let us give you a fair price for your unneeded firearms. The money we pay you for your unwanted military firearms could finance your next long distance rifle, a vacation, or just pay off some bills. Don’t hold onto what you no longer need. Any firearm we purchase from you will be legally taken out of your name.

Call 918-986-4410 today, or fill out the form below to get the process of selling your unused firearms to JMS Tactical.

Sell your Guns to JMS Tactical
We will need your phone number in order to purchase firearms from you.
Please check all that apply.
Please describe your firearms including any issues, problems, or defects. Please include age and serial numbers if you know them.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

If you are unable to upload pictures of your firearm(s), you will need to call us at 918-986-4410 in order to properly describe the firearms you wish to sell.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

We need either a copy of a FFL, or a picture of your drivers license in order for us to purchase any firearms from you. If you have problems getting this information to us, we will work with you, but you will have to call us at 918-986-4410 to get this information to us.