Long Distance Shooting accessories to give you an unfair advantage!

Precision Rifle Competition is not just equipment, or skill, or knowledge, it is a combination of multiple variables.
Any variable missing or lacking is going to effect the long distance shot. In Long Distance Shooting, every point is vital in making the perfect shot. JMS Tactical manufactures and sells Long Distance Shooting Accessories to help give you an unfair advantage.
Those accessories include Tactical Chassis Systems, High End Rifle Optics, Muzzle Brakes, and Bipods.

You absolutely need technique and training, but Long Distance Shooting Accessories are also a major part of the equation. Many people think of long distance shooting accessories as the last thing they need for competition, but the truth is, without the right equipment, all the skill in the world is not going to put you in the top 10 at any long distance shooting match. Talent and technique will get you so far, the proper equipment and accessories will take you the last 500 yards into the winners circle. At JMS Tactical, where it comes to long distance shooting accessories, we will help you score.

At JMS Tactical, we make you “Range Ready”