It takes more than skill to make a perfect shot. Skill is only 1/2 of the equation in the making of a perfect shot. In this game, JMSTactical makes you Range Ready!

Skill is a major factor, but in this game, all the skill in the world will not compensate for bad equipment. Tactical shooting is more than just skill. You need the Tactical Edge. JMSTactical gives you that edge by designing accuracy enhancement products that make the difference between on paper, and on target. When you go out to compete in a match, the last thing you need is equipment induced error. We take the error out of the equation. Innovative enhancements such as V-Bedding, Adjustable LOP, Adjustable Cheek Rest, are just a few of the Tactical Advantages that JMSTactical gives you. Our chassis systems are precision cnc milled to military specs, and every chassis leaves the line the same.

Repeatable groups EVERY time!

When you pull the trigger, you need to be able to expect the same results every time. Our Remington 700 Tactical Chassis Systems guarantee you just that. With the proven accuracy of the Remington 700 in either short or long action coupled with the JTAC Thunder Chassis System, you are guaranteed that you will always be “Range Ready”.
Whether you are shooting 3 rounds or 50, you don’t expect drift due to barrel alignment problems. Our Chassis System free floats your barrel to ensure that no pressure is exerted on the barrel causing drift. Our V-Bed system ensures that your action is always tight and immovable in the chassis. There will be no bedding required for our system. Our chassis supports both standard, and over-sized recoil lugs, so there will never be any machining required in order to mount your barreled action in our chassis system. We made a decision a long time ago to not use any polymers in the chassis system. The only NON metal parts of our chassis system are the pistol grip, and the rubber pad for the butt stock.